Aged cheese

Italian Aged Cheeses: Formaggi Stagionati Stile Italiano 


Mozzarita's Caciocavallo is made from fresh locally sourced cow’s milk and has a mild, salty flavor and a smooth, firm texture.

As the cheese ripens, the flavors become more pungent and the texture more granular, making the cheese ideal for grating.

The name of Caciocavallo is derived from cacio, meaning cheese, and the method of maturing: cheeses are hanged in pairs over a cavallo, a type of wooden saddle rack.

Cacioricotta Plain

Mozzarita's Cacioricotta is a soft cheese similar to dried ricotta, which is aged until it becomes semi-hard and the color of yellow straw. Eaten fresh, it is fragrant, salty, and slightly acidic.

Our aged version becomes much tangier, and it is typically enjoyed on its own or served accompanied by bread and a glass of full-bodied red wine, although it an also be grated over pasta dishes. We use an ancient method combining two techniques of cheese-making.

Generally, the milk is heated, then left to cool down before the milk and whey coagulate. The curd is then hand-squeezed, formed into small cylinders using basket-shaped containers, and left to dry.


Cacioricotta with Hot Peppers

This variation of Cacioricotta  incorporates, pepperoncini peppers also known as  Tuscan Peppers, sweet Italian peppers, or golden Greek peppers. The peppers are sweet and mild in flavor, not very hot, although they can vary and be found up to a medium heat level.

Cacioricotta with Truffle

This variation of Cacioricotta incorporates truffle paste that is made by blending fresh black truffles with fine olive oil, a bit of truffle juice for a more intense flavor, plus some truffle aroma to intensify the whole experience.