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Mozzarita Inc.

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Fresh Italian Handmade Mozzarella | Palm Beach

From our family business to your table…

We make authentic Italian cheese using only the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients. Family owned and operated since 2006.

Local Fresh Mozzarella Maker

Mozzarita Inc.

Fresh Italian Handmade Mozzarella Palm Beach Boca Raton Miami

Benvenuti alla Mozzarita Inc.!

Authentic Italian Cheese

We are an authentic Italian cheese maker in South Florida. Our signature cheese is our fresh, hand-pulled mozzarella, which is a must-try for Italian food lovers! We also produce a range of other fresh cheeses such as burrata , cacioricotta, ricotta and scamorza.

Our cheeses are made with premium quality ingredients using a traditional process. We do not use any additives or preservatives to ensure that our products are as natural and fresh as possible.

A little taste of Italy in Southern Florida

Fresh Italian Handmade Mozzarella Palm Beach Boca Raton Miami

The true taste of Italy!

Our owner and founder Vito Volpe

The King of Mozzarella

Has been making cheese since he was a child, helping his mom in the kitchen on their farm in Puglia, Italy. He brought the secret of authentic Italian cheese-making  with him to Florida in 2005 and we now sell Mozzarita, our fresh mozzarella, as well as a range of other fresh Italian cheeses from our facility in Pompano Beach. You can also buy our cheese online and from various fine foods stores such as Whole Foods.

With so many reviews crowning Mozzarita’s delectable cheese, it's no wonder that Vito Volpe is known as Florida’s King of Mozzarella!

Fresh Italian cheeses made with love

 Fresh Creamy Burrata Palm Beach Boca Raton Miami

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Our fresh Italian cheeses are available at most Whole Foods stores in Florida, or order online for direct delivery to your door.

Authentically Italian

Made from a traditional family recipe

High-Quality Ingredients

Pasteurized whole cow’s milk sourced from a Tampa dairy farm


Each ball (‘nodino’) of mozzarella is hand-pulled with skill and love .

Highly Rated

We have excellent reviews from our roster of satisfied customers! Ready to try our fresh mozzarella? Order today!