Fresh Creamy Burrata in Palm Beach

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For the finest, handmade Italian cheese, try the burrata from Mozzarita. Produced fresh with no additives or preservatives and using traditional techniques, this soft and indulgent variation of mozzarella will leave you wanting more!

Fresh Creamy Burrata

One of the most delicious varieties of mozzarella, our fresh and creamy burrata is not to be missed. But what is it exactly? Burrata, literally translates as ‘buttery’ which hints at the heavenly experience to come.

Regular mozzarella with a decadent twist, burrata is filled with a mixture of shredded mozzarella and cream, giving it an oozy, melt-in-your-mouth, smooth texture.

As for the outer layer, we create this by flattening mozzarella into a disc shape. Next, we’ll place the shredded curd and cream blend into the center, encasing the mixture inside what looks like a soft pillow.  

For the ultimate indulgent treat, we also produce a burrata with truffle cream. Yum!

Fresh Creamy Burrata Palm Beach

The smooth and creamy taste of heaven


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The Best Way to Eat Burrata

Burrata hails from Southern Italy along with our founder, Vito Volpe, so you can be sure our recipe stays true to its Italian heritage. Best eaten fresh (within 24 hours of purchase) and at room temperature, the delicate and creamy taste of burrata can be enjoyed without much fuss.

For a sumptuous starter, serve with fresh tomatoes, prosciutto crudo and some freshly baked bread, not forgetting a generous splash of good quality extra virgin olive oil and some aromatic basil.  Burrata is also a fantastic substitute for the mozzarella to add some flair to your pizza.

At Mozzarita, we produce a whole range of fresh Italian cheeses to tempt your taste buds!

Best served simply with quality, fresh produce



Fresh Creamy Burrata Boca Raton