Traditional Authentic Italian Cheese Maker in Palm Beach

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At Mozzarita, we’ve transported the traditional cheese-making methods of Italy to South Florida! Try our delicious range of freshly made mozzarella, burrata, ricotta and many more. We guarantee our cheese is made by hand using natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives.

Traditional Authentic Italian Cheese Maker

As a cheesemaker based in the US, Mozzarita is unique in its production processes, thanks to our founder, Vito Volpe who brought us his authentic knowledge all the way from Italy.

Vito has been making cheese from a very young age when he would help his mother in the kitchen on their family farm every morning before going to school.  

Fast forward to over 50 years later, and Vito is still preparing cheese in exactly the same way, right here in South Florida. We produce a wide range of fresh Italian cheeses, including mozzarella, burrata, ricotta, scamorza and more. 

Bringing the fresh taste of Italy to the US


Traditional Authentic Italian Cheese Maker Palm Beach
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From Italy with love... Generation after generation

The traditional technique for making mozzarella is called ‘pasta filata’ (spun paste). This process is truly an art form that needs to be done by hand. To bring you the cheeses you love, we combine pasteurized cow’s milk with natural rennet, which causes it to coagulate and separate into curds and whey.

Next, we’ll stir this mixture with a large wooden paddle, while adding boiling water. Individual curds start to cling together creating satiny mounds, which we’ll knead and stretch and, within seconds, skillfully turn into precise shapes. As a final step, we’ll drop the perfect mounds of cheese into a cold brine before packing them up for you to enjoy! 

We also produce many other gourmet Italian cheese. Order our fresh products today!

Passion and skill combined


Traditional Authentic Italian Cheese Maker Boca Raton

Our cheese is available to order online! Place your order now for delivery right to your door.

The next best thing to being in Italy – eating our authentic Italian creations! Purchase our cheese in selected Whole Foods stores across Florida
or place an order online and allow your senses to travel across the Atlantic!