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 Fresh Italian Handmade Mozzarella Palm Beach
 Fresh Italian Handmade Mozzarella Palm Beach

The heart of Mozzarita comes from Vito Volpe, a true Italian who was born and raised in a poor family of farmers from the ancient, city of Conversano, Italy. Being the youngest of 4 children, Vito was naturally suited to help his mother prepare the family meals. It was under the loving, careful eye of his Mother, that Vito’s passion for making cheese was born. She carved into his memories the tastes, smells, and traditional methods of making cheese using fresh, natural ingredients from their farm.

As Vito became a young man, he dreamed of making his own cheeses and in 1972, he took the chance to move to New York City where he landed a job as a dishwasher in an Italian restaurant. Through much trial and tribulation, and a good bit of determination, Vito began climbing the ladder to become one of the best chefs at the restaurant. This gave him the opportunity to learn about choosing products to import from Italy including olive oils, tarallini snacks and more. Vito eventually became the supplier of these imported products to most of the Italian markets in Brooklyn, NY which gave him the success he needed to move forward.

Vito’s never-ending dream of sharing his passion for Italian handmade cheese, lead him to South Florida in 2005, where he established Mozzarita, in Pompano Beach. His small, family owned and operated cheese factory, began to grow and grow and within 5 short years, Mozzarita became immensely popular with specialty markets in the surrounding areas. As time went on, distribution expanded beyond the local markets and into some of the most exclusive kitchens and now Mozzarita products can also be found on the shelves of most supermarkets in South Florida.

“Fresh cheese has always been the heart of Italian cuisine and I am very humbled to share these flavors in South Florida.” Vito Volpe

 Fresh Italian Handmade Mozzarella Palm Beach

The King of Mozzarella

Our owner and founder Vito Volpe has been making cheese since he was a child, helping his mom in the kitchen on their farm in Puglia, Italy.

He brought the secret of authentic Italian cheese-making with him to Florida in 2005 and we now sell Mozzarita, our fresh mozzarella, as well as a range of other fresh Italian cheeses from our facility in Pompano Beach. You can also buy our cheese online and from various fine food stores such as Whole Foods.

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Fresh Italian cheeses made with love

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