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At Mozzarita, we make the finest, fresh Italian cheese. Born and raised in the Puglia region of Italy, our founder guides us in traditional techniques that ensure an authentic taste and maximum flavor. We are passionate about cheese and use only natural ingredients. If you’re looking for the best quality, gourmet cheese in South Florida, look no further than Mozzarita! 

Quality Gourmet Italian Cheese

Are you a cheese lover? Have you ever tried the authentic taste of freshly made, Italian mozzarella?

To experience the ultimate freshness of our cheese, the time between production and consumption should be hours, not days. 

Our gourmet cheese is made fresh every day under the supervision of our traditional Italian cheesemaker. Next, we will ship our product directly to your door in sterilized refrigerated containers. Mozzarella should be fresh and not last for three months like the ones you can find in most stores! Experience the difference and place your order today!

Quality Gourmet Italian Cheese Palm Beach

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Rigorous safety controls

If you are looking for top quality, gourmet Italian cheese to supply your hotel or restaurant, speak to us at Mozzarita.

Our founder, Vito Volpe, spent 32 years in the restaurant industry on Long Island and knows the importance of choosing the best ingredients to serve to clients. The quality of our authentic Italian cheese is inimitable. 

At each stage of the production process, we have implemented vigilant controls to guarantee that our cheeses are made to the highest quality possible. We adhere to all FDA food safety regulations to make sure that our manufacturing, packaging, and delivery processes are safe and compliant.

Our commitment to food safety



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