Fresh Handmade Italian Cheese in Palm Beach

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If you’re looking for top quality, fresh Italian cheese and other Italian products, Mozzarita is a must-try! With our handmade cheeses made fresh every day, and our rigorously selected range of Italian imports, we offer a unique and authentic taste of Italy right here in South Florida.

Fresh Handmade Italian Cheese

At Mozzarita, we produce and supply fresh, handmade Italian cheese. We combine our knowledge of age-old Italian cheese production techniques with our passion for uncompromising quality to make the best quality cheese available on the market. 

As a family-owned and operated business, we know how much food can bring happiness to your family and this brings happiness to ours. That’s why we keep making cheese!

Our founder Vito still enjoys eating our fresh mozzarellas which, in his own words, are ‘made with love’ with his own bare hands, adding his years of experience to each molded mozzarella shape.

From Italy with love


Fresh Handmade Italian Cheese Palm Beach
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A Wide Range of Italian Delicacies

Among the cheeses we produce at Mozzarita, you will find our signature mozzarella, which comes in the regular, ‘larger’ format as well as in a variety of smaller handmade shapes such as our ‘trecce’ braided cheese and ‘nodini’ knots.

We also produce a range of other popular Italian cheeses such as burrata, ricotta and scamorza. All our cheeses are made using the traditional handmade techniques which have been perfected and passed down for generations.

In addition to our fresh, handmade Italian cheese, if you visit our facility in Pompano Beach, you will also find a wide range of top quality products imported directly from Italy such as extra virgin olive oil, prosciutto crudo and Italian pasta. If you prefer, you can purchase all our products online.

Top quality Italian products


Fresh Handmade Italian Cheese Boca Raton

To place an order for our fresh handmade cheese or other Italian products, please visit our online store.

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Our cheese is also available at Whole Foods and selected fine food stores across Florida.