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Mozzarita is an authentic Italian cheese producer in South Florida! We produce and sell fresh, hand-pulled mozzarella and other Italian cheeses to bring you a real taste of Italy right here in the US. 

Fresh Italian Handmade Mozzarella

Ask any great chef and they will tell you the same thing, a great dish is all about using the best ingredients. At Mozzarita we pride ourselves on the quality and taste of our handcrafted mozzarella. You’ll find it tastes just as delicious straight out of the package as in your favorite lasagna recipe! With no additives or preservatives, our cheese is as fresh as it comes.

There are several different types of mozzarella, many of which we produce here at Mozzarita. Choose from our unbeatable selection. We proudly offer…

  • Classic Fior di Latte (cow’s milk)
  • Smoked
  • Ovolini (egg-sized)
  • Trecce (braided)
  • Nodini (knots)
  • Ciliegine (cherry-sized) 
  • Sfoglia (rolled) 
  • Bocconcini (nuggets)
  • Burrata
  • Mozzarella di Bufala (buffalo milk)
  • And more delicious and authentic Italian products!

Check out our exciting range of options in-store or on our website!

Fresh Italian Handmade Mozzarella

We pride ourselves on the quality of our mozzarella


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Traditional Cheese-Making Techniques

Say the word Italy and images of pasta, pizza, and of course, cheese automatically come to mind. No one does food quite like the Italians. Food is central to Italian culture, bringing happiness and a sense of togetherness and community. Italian chefs are famous for saying ‘C’è mozzarella, e mozzarella’. There’s mozzarella, and then there’s mozzarella!

The celebration of the best kind of mozzarella lies at the heart of our philosophy here at Mozzarita. We are unique in our cheese-making process.

Our Italian founder, Vito Volpe, has been making cheese using traditional techniques since he was a young boy, and he continues to make cheese this way to this day. Simple, fresh and authentic, the true flavor of Italy is available right here in Southern Florida.

An inimitable taste of Italy


Fresh Italian Handmade Mozzarella Boca Raton